Mission Control

Cloud-native platform for DataStax Enterprise ™ and Apache Cassandra ®

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Automated Operations and Lifecycle Management

Mission Control provides a simplified declarative interface for managing the lifecycle and health of your DataStax Enterprise (DSE) & Apache Cassandra clusters.

  • Provisioning
  • Scale up & down
  • Version upgrades
  • Configuration deployment
  • Node replacement
  • Distributed operations (rolling restarts, nodetool commands, etc)
Lifecycle Management


From managing a single node to thousands Mission Control's observability stack handles the collection, aggregation and alerting in dynamic cloud-native environments.

  • Health visualization and alerting
  • Best practice scanning
  • Integrations with external backends


Effortless TLS across client to node, node to node, and operator to node channels with automated deployment and optional issuance.

  • Mutual TLS
  • Internal and External CA support with integrations
  • Certificate rotation of leaf and CA components
  • Role-based Access Control with authentication via external providers
Advanced Operations

Advanced Operations

From visibility and management of anti-entrpoy systems to backup & restore, Mission Control makes these tasks effortless from a central console.

  • Repair management
  • Compaction tuning and visibility
  • Backup & restore

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